Japan Crisis Sees US Toyota Plant Shut Down

Toyota has asked their manufacturing arm in USA to shut down their operations as there is a shortage of parts from Japan. The earthquake and the tsunami has left a devastating effect on the manufacturing industries of Japan.

The message of the closure has reached to all the 13 factories of Toyota in the United States, Mexico and Canada. The spokesman of Toyota has said that the plants may get closed if there is shortage of parts in Japan. Though the entire manufacturing of Toyota was suspended after the earthquake, some of their units have resumed their operations on March 17th.

Toyota has employed around 25,000 manufacturing and R&D workers in the entire North America. Toyota officials have said that the parts problem will be an industry one as many industries have been affected by the natural calamity. The car manufacturers will not be able to supply the components for the cars since they are very much dependent on their supplies from Japan. Shortage of few parts can bring down the entire assembly line to a halt.


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  1. Yea they really had no choice. And it sucks too because that affects so many dealers in the USA. I wonder how many less vehicles where able to have been produced seeing this plant shut down.

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