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High Demand of Skyfire iPhone Forces The Company To Withdraw

It has been only few hours of the launch of Skyfire iOS app and within this short span of time the overwhelming demand for this app has compelled Skyfire to pull it back from App store. In the Skyfire blog Robert Oberhofer, the Senior Director of Product Management of Skyfire Labs has mentioned that they are not accepting any further purchases temporarily since the customer’s demand for this app has gone up the company’s expectations. Replying to a query to our reporter of News365Today, he said that the company is at present working to enhance their server capacity and soon will be coming back in App stores with new sets of apps for the customers. Skyfire iOS app costs only $US2.99 and it app introduced a Flash video to give a demonstration on it how works on iPhone, iPod Touch as well as iPad.

Skyfire iOS app was a separate Webkit browser. When users visited a site along with Flash video, the app provided a thumbnail. After it was tapped, the video was transcoded on Skyfire’s servers to HTML5 and became visible to the iPhone. But one drawback of this app is that you cannot play Flash games on this server and Hulu has also blocked its services, as it may cause a rapid decrease in the demand for subscription of their Hulu Plus for the $10/month.

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