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Google Withdraws Developing Wave

Google finally unveils its decision on Wednesday that it has killed its communication based Web app Google Wave. This web based application was created to facilitate the users chatting, sharing files along with other practical usability.

But since after its launch the users do not seem to adopt this new technology much and hence they took this decision to discontinue developing Wave as an individual product.  Besides that they also affirm that they will keep up maintaining the site throughout the end of the year. According to Urs Hölzle, the Senior Vice President, Operations & Google Fellow on the Google blog, the company is planning to use the technology for other Google projects as well.

It is a common phenomenon that when ever some new innovation takes place innovation failures also may occur. But still one shouldn’t give up trying new things. If we discuss about the reason behind its failure, few things may come out. May be the technology was far more advanced than what we are usually used to. Some experts also pointed out that Google couldn’t promote the benefits, and the subjective quality of Wave. Whatever may be the reason behind stopping its development perhaps this is the most correct decision that Google has made on this matter

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