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Australian dollar hits 27 years high against pound due to Olympics

UK hosted Olympic games are just round the corner in July.  Several trend reading organizations are studying the website search progression and inclination disposition of surfers.The outcome shows clear vogue by a high percentage of Australians to air dash to UK to view the Olympics in UK. The website discovered a hike of 85.9 percent surfers from Australia in search of a good deal on flight to UK in the period 2009-2011. The Olympic period visit destination UK is highest by Australian Italy and United States respectively.

If currency strength is taken into consideration dollar is at its 27 year high pitted against pound as of now. Thus Australians are aware that Olympic visit to UK is much economical and the bargain is worth a visit to UK. In overnight change of events dollar graphed upwards by 68 pence an unprecedented trend since 1985. In simple terms the spending power is easy on the pocket for Australians and many are tempted to take advantage of the situation through a foreign trip to UK. In terms of exchange rate $ 3000 will fetch 2029 pound in exchange which was just 1860 pound just a few months ago. Most financial experts understand that UK will depend on bonds to revive the situation by such time Olympics will be over.


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