Cheesy Tales Of Tooth Cavity

It has been reported according to the new clarifications that consumption of sweet products or dairy products protects tooth cavity rather than harming it. The study was researched and found by a researcher of Indian origin. It has been claimed that consumption of dairy products not only reduces health hazards but also limits the probability of cavity loss among the young crowds.

The importance of oral health and bone health is directly interrelated to the consumption after making a medical check up with the sample of 12 to 15 students the results derived were 68 people of 12 to 15 years are suffering from dental plaque PH. This eventually reduces the resistance and affects tooth cavity by tearing away the protective layer of teeth.

Repeatedly a group of students were inducted for the test and after periodic intervals of 10, 20 and 30 minutes while they rinse off the left over food splits of yoghurt, milk and cheese with water the PH level were measured gradually. The test groups with yoghurt and milk had particularly experienced no change in PH unlike the other group with cheese suggesting that cheese do have anti cavity elements to combat the growing effects of tooth decay.


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