Jersey Shore Season 4 Will Be Heading To Italy

MTV finally confirms that Jersey Shore Season 4 will be starting soon and this time the episodes will be shot overseas and the country where the entire team of JS will be heading to is Italy which is at the same time the motherland of Vinny Guadagnino.

We have heard that some of Vinny’s relatives are planning to even inviting the Jersey Shore crew for an authentic Italian dinner, in Guadagnino style.

According to the MTV reporting the investigation for shooting locations are going on, just the same way they did it in Miami for Season 2, to find the appropriate locales.

Entire proceedings have been started two months ago, when Jersey Shore executives began working on getting visas for the cast members. But till now there is no updates on whether the JS star Snooki who was arrested last year for disorderly conduct during the shooting of the reality show will face any trouble to get her visa. Let us see what happens, hopefully this won’t be a big issue for the JS guidos and guidettes.

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