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Best Buy Confirms Delayed Arrival Of HTC Thunderbolt: But Confusion Still Remains

For the past several days people were frantically searching for the information regarding HTC Thunderbolt release date as well as its price in the market since there was no clear word from Verizon Wireless- the exclusive network carrier of the smartphone. Now finally Best Buy store steps forward to clear up the confusion by divulging the release date.

The official Twitter page of Roseville Best Buy store published a tweet on late yesterday to share with customers. The Tweet reads as follows:

“HTC Thunderbolt launch has been delayed 🙁 It looks like it may launch on Thursday, March 4th. Stay tuned for more info.”

Though our experts anticipated that HTC Thunderbolt is going to be released around 24th Feb, but Best Buy did not show any hurry to make any official announcement to the public. After the fiasco the tweet message surfaces. Though the confusion has not ended yet, since March 4th is actually a Friday, not Thursday. So people are still unsure if Best Buy will be launching HTC Thunderbolt on Thursday March 3rd or Friday March 4th. However, it is now confirmed that the long awaited smartphone will arrive late and there is no hope to get it in hand before next month.

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