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Australian Government To Adopt New Multiculturalism Policy

When the society of the country is characterized by religious extremism, Government of Australia has decided to form a body which will advise the Government on adopting a more tolerant multiculturalism policy.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen said that they are planning to have a new advisory body, which will operate on a much bigger spectrum than the existing advisory council. Speaking at the Sydney Institute Bowen said that the advisory council will see that the Australian Government responds quite fast to the needs of the refugee and migrant communities.

Mr. Bowen has also stressed that an anti-racism strategy will be formulated which will be implemented at the national level. It will be a new initiative to eliminate racism from the land of Australia. He further stressed that if Australia wants to be free and equal, then her citizens must accept the essence of multiculturalism.

An independent council will look after these matters and ensure that every Australian gets access to equal opportunities in life, irrespective of his or her background. Every person must be treated on the basis of her work done, but not on the basis of her origin. Incidentally, immigrants have complained of racial discrimination in many cases and the problem becomes serious in some cases.

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