AT&T’s Growth Slows Down

With less number of iPhone activation going on, the growth of AT & T has slowed down. The quarterly earnings of the company fell short of expectation. The wireless industry as a whole is going through a hard time and is finding it difficult to attract customers to subscribe the data plans.

AT & T could manage 2.7 million of iPhone activation in the third quarter which is lowest in the last one and half year.

Some analysts say that this is inevitable with the saturation of the wireless market and no new user to join in; they are hard-pressed to broaden their customer base. The waning in the growth in the AT & T’s earnings is also attributed to its over-dependence on wireless service for its revenue-generation.

The executives of AT & T not much concerned though. Ralph de la Vega, the president and chief executive of AT & T consumer and wireless businesses said that unlike last year, no iPhone was launched this year, which had an effect on the sales. He is confident that this will change during the fourth quarter when iPhones 3GS will be offered at a low price. Devices compatible with the LTE, its next generation wireless network system will also be made available.

JIT Mukherjii
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