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Apple Withdraws “Third Intifada” App After Israel Lodged A Complaint

Apple has recently removed an application from its iTunes App Store that calls for a third Palestinian intifada, after Israel filed a complaint, Israeli officials said on Thursday.Public Diplomacy Minister Yuri Edelstein has sent a letter to Apple complaining about the “Third Intifada” app previous in the week. According to a statement from minister’s office after getting the written complaint Apple took a quick action by removing its Third Intifada from iTunes App Store.The letter sent by Minister Yuri Edelstein, incited violence against Israel and mentioned all the details on imminent violent protests.Edelstein had previously succeeded in convincing Facebook to eliminate a similar “Third Intifada” page from its website.“By its action, Apple has proven, as Facebook did, that it shares the values that oppose violence, incitement and terrorism,” he said.The first intifada, or revolt, started in December 1987 with rock hurling, protests and public disobedience and continued until the 1993 Oslo peace settlement. A second and far more savage intifada exploded in 2000 and ultimately loose its momentum some five years later.

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