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Apple Couldn’t Meet The Quarterly Sales

In a rare instance, Apple couldn’t meet the quarterly sales expectation last Tuesday. But it still managed to make a profit of $6.6 billion in the last three months. This of course, is a good figure for any company but not so for a world’s top company like Apple.

The total revenue of the company stand at a staggering $28.3 billion but it was still $1.5 less than expected. This dip has prompted many analysts to speculate that this could indeed be the beginning of the slowing down of the company’s growth.

Ever since the death of its founder Steve Jobs on 5th October, skeptics started saying if the company would continue on its course of discovering innovative gadgets successively. Technology analysts believe that this slide is mostly due to over expectation. The company has to sell more than 500,000 devices daily to keep up with the high expectation. So, the growth of the company is bound to suffer, the profits it makes in billions notwithstanding.

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