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Doomsday Comes Again On October 21, 2011

Harold Camping has once again predicted that October 21, 2011 will be day of calamity in a colossal scale. He has chosen to do this despite his earlier prediction of such catastrophe on 21st May 2011 went haywire. No such event occurred on the day and people all over the world continued with their daily routine, unhindered.

When confronted by the media after the non-event on 23rd May 2011, Camping said the effect has only been spiritual and its final consequences will manifest in a physical way on October 21, 2011. And that would be end of the world.

So, he didn’t accept that he was wrong after all. He only deferred his prophecy. Interestingly, before his failed prophecy, many people gave credence to Camping’s prediction. Some even donated sums to spread the message of doomsday on televisions, newspapers and radio. This drove some people to sell their property or left their jobs.

Come October 21, 2011- many believers will still wait and watch with bated breath. Camping claims that his mass destruction will be resounding and all-pervading. It will be a day when the world will face the strongest earthquake. It will open up skeletons and corpses buried since 13, 000 years which will be scattered all over; such will be the magnitude of it.

So, it will be day of natural disaster the earth has ever witnessed. It is pertinent to note that prophesying is not new for Harold Camping. His predictions – one in 6th September, 1994 and 3rd April, 1996 have failed.

Jeff Foster is a freelance writer and has done his graduation in Mathematics. He loves writing and reading about the recent events in the social media. He has been working as a freelance writer for the last four years. He has got special interest in politics of the Western world. He is a very special member of the News365Today’s Editorial team.

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