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Dough Engelbart, The Pioneer Of Computer Mouse Dies at 88

Dough EngelbartIt was reported that Engelbert one of the discoverer of computer mouse developed in the 1960 appeared to be similar to wooden shell that had two metal wheels covers literally used before the invention of mouse. After a long search and operations of his study in California research institute he was also reported as the mastermind behind the processing of emails, word processing and video teleconferencing.

Dough Engelbart was born on 30th January, 1925 in Portland Oregon, he was reportedly the child of a radio repairman. His critical ailment spread like a wildfire and the first to be notified of his serious illness was his daughter. His poverty and utter despair couldn’t hold his breath as he moved forwards and walked on to better prospects, he has studied Mechanical engineering and after a course on post doctorate his innovation and creative minds always responded to the greater human welfare. His interests in science and technology have lured him to the research and developments thus radically his ideas were much ahead of time and centuries. His demonstrations on the computer and its priorities on human life have an endearing messages and greater impact on the civilization.

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