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Get Ready For New iPhone 5 Launch: Apple’s WWDC Date Has Been Finalized

The date for Apple’s next Worldwide Developer Conference is expected to be declared very soon. Last year Steve Jobs used this event to launch his Apple’s new smartphones. Hence we can anticipate that like the previous year this year also Steve Jobs will unveil his iPhone 5 on his company’s Worldwide Developer Conference.

Last year on June 7 at WWDC which was held at Moscone Center West in San Francisco, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4, and we all know how it achieved a record sale all over the world.

Apple has yet to announce the dates for its 2011 WWDC, but our reporters have managed to see the future schedule for the Moscone Center which shows that Apple has booked the centre on June 5 – 9 for a “corporate meeting” which is described as a “convention/tradeshow”.

If we assume that like previous year Apple will organize the developer conference at Moscone Center, then the June 5 is most likely to be the most anticipated date for iPhoine 5 launch.

Though, there is bit confusion since June 5 is a Sunday, and Apple has never announced any of their smartphones on weekends.

Whether the company officially declares the date for WWDC on  June 5 or later, iPhone 5 release most certainly will not happen on the same day. In 2010, Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4 on June 7, and its pre-sales began one week later.

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