Justin Beiber’s First Movie “Never Say Never” Posters Are Revealed

Justin Beiber’s first full-length feature film, “Never Say Never,” is set to release in theatres on February 11. It is only three weeks away from now. The much awaited movie event of February is also approaching soon. Therefore all his die hard fans can now on plan their Valentine’s Day weekend accordingly, as their heartthrob Beiber for the first time will be seen as a movie actor.

Yesterday on January 24, Paramount Pictures publicized a new poster for the film, displaying the picture of the 16-year-old standing tall in the middle of a street, which signifies that he is perhaps stuck between two worlds. One world  is his hometown of Stratford in Ontario, Canada, which is displayed in black-and-white on the left side of Beiber, with a sign in the backdrop showing “Population: 32,000”; on the right hand side, Bieber is standing adjacent to the crowded New York City skyline, illustrated in full color. The teenage sensation in this poster is dressed in all black attire, including a black jacket, black jeans and black, and also unlaced high-tops. The tagline is: “Find out what’s possible if you never give up.”

It’s a fine change from the first poster, which just portrayed Bieber’s profile with his perfectly side-swept hair, partially concealed by a hoodie. But this changes has made the poster more interesting since it illustrates the theme of the movie more dramatically.

Fans can see the two new clips and partial trailers from the movie, known as “Every Stage” and “Underdog,” respectively. In the clips reveals a few cute home videos of Bieber while he was learning to play the drums at the age 3, afterward this there are few clippings that shows what his life is like now, among those hundreds of screaming fans, massively sold-out concerts, his closeness with Usher, etc.

See Justin Bieber Never Say Never “Every Stage” Trailer

Tell us your opinion on these new poster and videos? Have you already booked your tickets to watch “Never Say Never”? Post your valuable comments.

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  3. justin bieber is a good singer and every one who disses him is just awful how would you like it if someone did that too you .. ! and he is cute not pretty and he is hot not pretty so whatever think what you want !

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