Great News For Lovers Of Big Apple Circus

It is double entertainment for the lovers of Big Apple Circus. The entire credit for this round of entertainment will go to Big Apple Circus and the PBS public television. Let us share the good news with you one by one. The premiere of the 2010 sea The Fancy Fillies System son of the all famous Big Apple Circus has started from October 21st and will continue till January 9th, 2011. The circus is being held at the Lincoln center.

In addition to this PBS will be airing a documentary named Circus which will show the backstage life of the Big Apple circus. The viewers will be able to get access to the complex and difficult life of the circus people behind the tent. The six part show will telecast the incidents which happened in the year 2008 during the making of the circus. The six part episode showing backstage activities of Big Apple Circus will be shown on PBS television from November 3rd to 17th, 2010.

This is in fact for the first time since the inception of Big Apple Circus a television crew is given access to the backstage of making of a circus. When the audience will see how nicely the chef makes the meal in the kitchen, they can enjoy the food better.

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