Eating Disorder Can End Your Life

In a recent incident two young people died due to eating disorders. In accordance with a report their families told that they do not had any ideas that the problem of eating disorder can prove to be so fatal. The problem of eating disorder has enhanced a lot in the past few years. However, the exact number of deaths from this disorder is still unaccounted for.

The families of the victims never suspected that the young ones are having any kind of eating disorders. Also, when the young ones confined in them they didn’t has any clue how dangerous it can be. However, they tried to fix it by simple ways but then the realized that problem is much more complicated.

Soon they begin to understand that this is a mental disorder and it is taking an overall troll in the life of their young son. But, still the young boy Laurence Nugent died of bulimia and there were horrible effects of starvation on his body.

Mother of this young man has stated that it is a necessity to make the young people know that how fatal the eating disorder can be. They further stated that every young man who have this problem should go and take the helps of the medical experts.

JIT Mukherjii
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