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New Apple iPad 3 January Release: Is it Rumor or Fact?

While the entire world is behind New Year celebration, Apple’s upcoming iPad 3 is creating big buzz among the gizmo geeks.

Now the rumor is Apple is all set to bring two new iPad models for a January debut. This has been reported by Digitimes which has recently been off the mark quite a bit with Apple rumors.

Beforehand, people expected Apple will announce the upcoming iPad 3 in February or March for an April release.

The new iPads is said to be intended for he mid-range and high-end tablet buyers of Apple, and bothe of them will feature high-resolution displays. Besides that both the devices will incorporate Apple’s new quad-core A6 processor. The present iPad 2 will stay unchanged and be placed as a low-end entry to challenge the Kindle Fire (though it doesn’t seem that Apple would reduce its price below $250).

Digitimes, reports plenty of interesting features— for example, that both new iPads will come with dual-LED light bars to enhance brightness. The high-end iPad 3 will offer an 8-megapixel camera, while the mid-range iPad is expected to include a 5-megapixel shooter. Differing to earlier reports, both new tablets will stick with 9.7-inch screens, rather than smaller display screen.

While the additional information makes the report more convincing, Digitime also reports that Apple will reveal the new iPad models at the Macworld iWorld conference which will be taking place in late January. But this doesn’t seem to be true as Apple hasn’t taken part in the conference for years. Perhaps things may change next month, but at the moment there’s no grounds to think Apple would head back to Macworld while its own press events grabs plenty of media attention.

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