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Exodus Lost Is A Must Read For History And Adventure Lovers

Exodus lost is a wonderful book which has presented archaeology and history in a totally different way. The book takes the reader to a unique trip to history. After going through the book, you can feel that the history presented by the author is a bit different to what is generally taught in classrooms.

The Exodus Lost book has told the story of the voyagers of Aztec and Mayan chronicles who has come across the Atlantic Ocean hundreds of years before Columbus. The book says that they actually came from a remote land known as Black Land Red Land. The author has tried to establish with facts that this ancient land is nothing but the ancient name of Egypt. From here, the author has described many discoveries which have gone to the beginning of the Mexican civilization and also the roots of Western civilization.

Besides this, author S. C. Compton has also mentioned stories about the creation of alphabet and also in-depth studies of the history of the pyramids. There are around 126 maps, engravings and photos in the book which will really help the reader to get convinced.

Author S.C. Compton’s quest for adventure initiated in his childhood days when he used to live in the rain forests of Peru along with his grandparents. At that time, he used to explore Incan ruins in the close Andes. He went on to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in the Humanities cum laude from Shimer College, a Master of Liberal Arts from the University of Chicago, a Master of Arts in Literature from Northwestern University, and studied at Oxford University and in Switzerland at L’Abri. He took 14 years to complete the book Exodus Lost.


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