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Casey Anthony Trial Commences with Media Being Kept Out

The trial of Casey Anthony has started with much media hype. The process of selection of jury members for the murder trial of Casey Anthony began earlier today from a list of potential jurors who hail from Tampa, Florida. The final location where the selection process commenced, however, was not announced considering, what was described by Judge Perry, who will preside over the hearing, as oversaturated media interest.

It is claimed that the courts received 600 requests for media credentials which is being touted as a number that surpasses the credentials in the O.J. Simpson case.

In order to prevent extreme media interest in the dealings of the case, Judge Perry proposed to give the media the information about the jurors’ location if they signed a confidentiality agreement which was challenged in a Federal Court by a motion that was later upheld. However the same court also ruled in favor of keeping the location of the selection process a secret.

During the jury selection, Casey Anthony burst into tears as the charges were called out by Judge Perry. The case first gained attention when her child Caylee was reported missing in 2008. However evidence was unearthed that the report was filed by mother Casey after almost a month of anyone last seeing Caylee. Subsequently Caylee’s remains were found buried in an area close to Casey Anthony’s parent’s house in Orlando. Casey was charged with first degree murder and a count of child abuse. The prosecution is understood to be calling for a death penalty. The trial is currently being streamed live through the Internet, when the court is in session.


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