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Is The British MP’s Drinking Too Much?

The reports have confirmed that in Westminster’s there are nine such bars where the access to the drinks is less costly due to its easy accessibility and affordability on the continuous motivation of the Parliamentary authorities. It has clearly charted that most of the nearby pubs charges exorbitant high as they are not subsidized. One of the MP Eric Joyce has said in Parliament that they are often found guilty for their behaviour. Speaker of Parliament Mr. John Bercow desperately tried to reduce boozing after the strong anti disciplinarian action being taken against them by Eric Joyce through bar room destruction.

During poll elections it was the matter of deep concern as 31% of Labour members say that the fellow MP colleagues have a habit of drinking very high. Even the decision of this rising booze culture needs to be curbed – said 20% of Tories and 19% of Liberal Democrat members.

It has often been highlighted that why the booze culture in Westminster’s nine bars are not curbed moreover they charges less though they do not run on subsidy. Severe corrective measures need to be followed to reduce this unhealthy practice among the growing parliamentarians. It should make them aware and would immediately insist the call of action simultaneously.

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