“The Artist” Sweeps The Critics Choice Awards

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The entire spotlight was on “The Artist” at the Critics Choice Awards as the movie walked out with many first prizes at the award ceremony. The biggest suspense of the movie is that it is a silent movie and has been shot on black and white celluloid.

The Artist reminds us of the days of silent era and has been able to impress the jury of the Critics Choice Awards by the impressive storyline and also many other things which got the attention of the jury to a great extent. The film has been directed by Michael Hazanavicious and is the real hero at the 17th annual Critics choice awards. It is represented by 250 members of the Broadcast Film Critics Association.

“The Artist” movie got the prize of best picture and also best picture, director and costume design. Commenting to the media after receiving so many accolades, French director Hazanavicious said that he made the movie silent because he does not want to speak much.

The second best movie at the Critics Choice Awards went to the movie “The Help”. It is the story of black maids voicing about their white employers during the period of civil rights movement. It got three prizes in the acting categories. Viola Davis got the prize for best actress, Octavia Spencer got best supporting actress. The cast of the film has got best acting ensemble.

a billingsgate knows exactly how it wants it

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