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A Wonderful Meteor Shower Tonight

People are really excited as the sky has shown a meteor shower tonight, in spite of having a cloudy sky. Astronomers have predicted that a two hour meteor shower tonight from 3.00 am to 5 AM Central Time.

The particular meteor shower is known as Quads and they have been named for an old constellation named Quadrans Muralis. This particular meteor shower is expected to come from the remnants of a comet which is known as 2003EH1. Astronauts believe that the comet have got broken up almost 500 years back.

During the meteor shower tonight, the tiny particles of rock are expected to enter the atmosphere of the earth at 90,000 miles per hour. In the process, they will burn 50miles above the surface and create falling stars which we will be able to see.

Scientists are expecting that there will be 100 shooting stars every hour and that means you can get to see at least 1-2 every minute. So, people who have waken up early in the morning today, have been able to see some wonderful scenes over the sky from their windows.

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