Google TV Products To Be Launched By Toshiba & Vizio In January, 2011

Toshiba Corp. and Vizio Inc. have recently planned to launch new products based on Google Inc.’s TV software. All these products will aid in boosting the Google’s long endeavors to combine Web to TV screens. As per the current reports, Toshiba and Vizio will going to unveil the products at the annual Consumer Electronics Show which will be held in Las Vegas in January,2011. But yet the companies have not made any public announcement, so nothing can be said to be certain, whilst Samsung Electronics Co. is also heard to step forward in making Google TV devices at the same time, the company said.

The support would certainly prove to be beneficial for Google to boost up the system after the clash with TV networks on the issue of allowing their online content on the system. Google’s aim is to exploit its authority in online search advertise into a footing in broadcast ads. So far, the software has been applied only in televisions and Blu-ray players from Sony Corp. plus in a set-top box by Logitech International SA, all by Intel Corp. chips.

Yesterday Google released an e-mail statement where it didn’t mentioned any name as a new participant in the project. It was clearly written in the statement that, “We are very happy with the launch of Google TV with our initial partners Sony, Logitech and Intel.” Google says, its long term aim is to   “Our long-term goal is to work in a partnership with the large groups of consumer electronics manufacturers to introduce the next generation TV-watching experience, as soon as possible.

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